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2. Select Repo, Branch, & Services

Once you have a Compose file with the necessary labels, you can add your application via the + Application button on the main dashboard:

Select repository and branch

On the app application page, you should be able to select the repository and branch you want to deploy (this assumes you already have the GitHub app installed):

Select Compose file & Services

The next step is selecting your Compose file and enabling/disabling services defined in it. On this step, you can set up the following additional configuration:

Compose Override (more in Docker docs): Select multiple Compose files. (Contact Shipyard support to have this feature enabled for your organization.)

Unique Domain: By default, Shipyard hosts all services together on the same domain but you may also choose to have a service hosted on its own, unique domain. In this case

CORS Headers: enable Shipyard's CORS headers. For more information about how Shipyard works with CORS, look here.


Shipyard parses the Compose file (e.g., ports, volumes, labels) to make sure it is valid. You can view it in the Preflight Checks modal: