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This guide will walk you through cloning one of our starter GitHub repos, building and running it on Shipyard, and visiting your environment! If you would like a video guide to walk you through this tutorial, check out our video below:

Step 1: Clone starter repository

We'll be using the Shipyard-certified React + Flask starter GitHub repository. To fork your own copy, click the button below:

Fork a copy of starter repo

Step 2: Create the application

  1. Go to your dashboard on Shipyard and click on + Application.
  2. Choose the GitHub repository you generated in Step 1, and choose the main branch.


If you don't see your GitHub repository, click the link above the repository dropdowns. This takes you to your GitHub account's Shipyard configuration, where you can add the repository. Read more here.

  1. Click Select services to go to the next step.

  1. Click Add environment variables to go to the next step.

  1. Click Create application. This queues up the first build of your new application!

Step 3: Monitor build and start-up

Your application is now being built, and soon to be deployed.

To monitor its progress, click the Details button on your dashboard. There you can see the Docker build logs and, once running, the live container logs.

When your environment is ready, a big green Visit button will appear at the top of the page.

Read more about the build details and build history pages.

Step 4: Visit your environment

If you see the big green Visit button on your dashboard, congratulations! You have successfully deployed your first Shipyard environment.

Clicking the button redirects you to the uniquely-generated URL for your new environment. It should look like:

Next steps