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Shipyard allows you to set up third party integrations to increase visibility into the status of your project builds.


Receive notifications about your Shipyard projects in your preferred Slack channel.

To set up Slackbot integration, click Add to Slack button for your organization. This will trigger the Slack OAuth flow and prompt you to authorize Shipyard to communicate with your Slack service.

Once the integration is set up, you'll be able to receive notifications about builds succeeding or failing, reason for failure, as well as a link to build details.

Send Logs to Datadog

You can provide your Datadog API keys to send your environment's Logs to Datadog on the Org Settings page:

The Enable Datadog logging for all environments toggle will send logs from ALL your environments. If you only want to have a few selected environment from which you want to send logs, visit the Configure Application page and select the Enable Datadog logging for this environment.