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The Configure Application page allows you to make modifications to an existing app, such as:

  • manage repositories and/or branches
  • disable and/or modify services
  • change your GitHub notification preferences and other application settings

To access it, from your Developer Dashboard and select Configure πŸ”§ on the right-hand menu of the app you want to configure:

Manage repositories & branches​

Under the Repositories and Branches tab, you can add (or remove) repositories and branches to your existing app.


Make sure to click on Update Application to rebuild your app.

Select services​

The Services and Configuration tab allows you to toggle the services defined in your Compose file(s) on or off and update other configurations. See the Service's docs for more information.

General Settings​

The Notifications and General Settings tab contains different settings which control the general behavior of the environment:

GitHub Notifications​

Control whether you receive commit checks and/or pull request comments. Check out our Notifications doc for more info.

Cancel existing when starting new one​

If this is enabled, any builds in flight for a given environment will be canceled when a new build gets queued.

Branch Deny Regex Pattern​

If this is set, any pull requests where the base branch matches the given regular expression will NOT have a pull request environment created for it.

Deploy PRs with GitHub labels​

If this is set, pull request environments will only be created for pull requests with the labels specified.

Auto-build on new commits​

If this is set, new builds for commits will only be triggered on the selected repositories.

PR with Labels vs. Auto-build for new commits

There’s a distinction between how to control when new environments are created for new PRs vs. for new commits being pushed into an existing PR.

To prevent new PRs from creating new environments, use labels. Then when you create a new PR, it will not get a Shipyard environment unless it has the label.

To prevent new builds triggered by new pushed commits (on environments that already exist), use the auto-build on new commits.

Secrets: Environment Variables & Build Args​

You can set secrets for an entire application. These variables will be inherited by all repositories in the app. Click on the πŸ— Env Vars button at the top of your application on the Developer Dashboard.

You can also set secrets exclusive to specific branches and repositories by navigating to the Env Vars option in the kebab menu found on the right-hand side.

Sleep Settings​

Set the time after which the environment will automatically stop without any visits.